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Our Aromatherapy Oils
Our Quality

We take great efforts to maintain therapeutic grade premium quality pure essential oils and we source from around the world and ensure that our suppliers meet stringent quality standards. This enables us to closely monitor our essential oils to make sure we only are using the best quality essential oils. As much as possible, we source our products from organic growers and distillers. All of our essential oils are ethically produced and are free from pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

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How Essential Oils Work

Inhalation: Inhaling essential oils is probably the quickest delivery method to achieve the intended therapeutic results. When you inhale an essential oil you stimule olfactory nerves which in turn stimulate centers of the brain. The odor molecules may stimulate an immune response after entering the bronchial area and lungs, helping your body fight an infection. For example, when you inhale essential oils from the steam of a simmering pot of eucalyptus leaves, you can help your body dry up mucus secretions, lower inflammation, shrink swollen sinus membranes, and enhance airflow.

Odor molecules also affect the brain through a variety of receptor sites, including the limbic system, which is also referred to as the emotional brain. The limbic system is connected to parts of the brain that control things such as stress, breathing and memory. This explains why essential oils can have the power to trigger emotional responses and can have some profound physiological and psychological effects.

Topical Application: Aromatherapy oils can be applied to the skin, which is somewhat permeable, to be absorbed into the blood stream. Some areas of skin (under arms, head, palms, soles of feet, etc.) are more permeable than others. Warming or massaging the skin may also increase absorbency. Our Aromatherapy blends can be applied to the soles and top of feet, ankles, over vital organs, abdomen, upper back, neck, behind ears, temples, and the crown of your head. Our Aromatherapy blends are designed to be most effective through a combination of both inhalation and topical application.

Essential Oils Used In Our Aromatherapy Blends
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