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I'm Not Very Knowledgeable About Fragrances, Will I Still Be Able To Create Something?
Yes, most likely. Definitely start by reading our Perfume 101 section. We've designed Me Fragrance in such a way that anybody can create their own wonderful perfume. Although initially you cannot physically smell the fragrance, we provide tools that can take scents that you currently know and love and guide you to blend other scented oils that work well with those scents. We also use a sophisticated and proprietary designer fragrance family matcher to identify scent characteristics that you currently wear. We're very confident in our customers being able to create their own perfume they will love, and we offer a FREE re-do if you are not completely satisfied with your initial creation. See our Shop Guarantee for more info.
How Long Does It Take For You To Make My Fragrance?
Well since we do this all day long, we've gotten quite good at it. So it's surprisingly fast, normally your custom fragrance product will ship within 5-7 working days.
I Don't See An Essential Or Fragrance Oil I Like, Do You Carry It Or Can It Be Added?
First make sure to review our Scented Oils to make sure we don't currently carry it. If you don't see it listed, simply send us an email at [email protected] and we'll do our best to add it to our selection.
What Is A Fragrance Family And Why Is It Important?
Fragrance families are classification systems that assign individual fragrances into olfactory groups based on their predominant characteristics. The most common use of the classifications is to help people find fragrances they might like, even when they may not be able to smell the fragrance. Each fragrance family has a unique personality and, instinctively, you will prefer fragrances from some and dislike ones from others. Many people, of course, like fragrances from more than one family, and some like fragrances from all of the fragrance families. Still, knowing the fragrance family can be very helpful simply in that it might give you some clues as to a fragrance's general character. If you had a favorite Brand and you knew that it was a citrus, say, or an oriental or a floral, that might help you decide whether or not a new fragrance in that family was something you wanted to try. Fragrance families are one of many tools we use to guide you through the perfume creation process.
What Are Perfume Notes?
A fragrance is normally made up of 3 notes that unfold over time (Top, Middle and Base). Top notes are perceived immediately on the application of a perfume and evaporate quickly. They form a person's initial impression of a perfume. Middle notes emerge just prior to the dissipation of the top note. It forms the main body of a perfume and acts to mask the often unpleasant initial impression of base notes, which become more pleasant with time. Base notes appear close to the departure of middle notes and are the main theme of a perfume. Base notes bring depth to a perfume and are usually not perceived until 30 minutes afer application. When creating a custom perfume it is ideal to include scented oils from each of the three fragrance notes. We include this information in the building process (simply click on the "info" icon in step 4 under each fragrance).
What concentration are your fragrances?
All of our wearable fragrances are created in eau de toilette strength.
Can You Match A Certain Designer Perfume Or Other Fragrances?
Unfortunately this is not the concept of Me Fragrance, we want YOU to create your own unique signature perfume. We don't scent match other perfumes, although you are certainly welcome to try on your own to recreate a fragrance using our website. Some have had great results, but we encourage you to step outside your scent comfort level and try to create something different.
Do You Ship Internationally?
Unfortunately not at this time, we only ship within the United States.
Is Creating Your Own Perfume Just For Women?
No, not at all. We have many great male customers who enjoy creating their own fragrances just as much as women. Our fragrance list includes all of the most desirable "masculine" scents, so men too can create their own cologne. Our scented oils also can be combined to create many unique unisex fragrances.
Can I Create A Single or Two Note Perfume?
Absolutely, although we give you the opportunity to blend up to 6 different scented oils, this is not a requirement. You may choose as few as one single note all the way to 6 different scented oils. The perfume creation process we have is very flexible as we understand that people have different needs and desires when creating their own perfume.
What Is The Perfume Base You Use To Blend The Scented Oils With?
We use two different bases depending on whether you are creating a roll-on perfume or an eau de parfum spray. Although we cannot give the exact base ingredients as this is a proprietary base we developed, we can give you most of the important details of our all natural base.

Here are the details on our all natural base used in our roll-on perfumes:
  • Contains no synthetic products
  • Contains no petrochemicals, alcohols, DPGs, parabens, SLS, or PEG's
  • Only pure essential oils & organic ingredients
  • 100% vegetable and fruit
  • Vegan
  • Biodegradable
  • Renewable, sustainable resource

Here are the details on our base used in our eau de parfum sprays:
  • Water-based
  • Skin-safe
  • Low-level amounts of alcohol
  • High disbursement properties
Do You Offer Gift Cards?
Yes we do, you can find them under the "Gifts" tab on our main menu.
ABOUT ME FRAGRANCE makes creating your own custom perfume a reality now. With our proprietary easy to use tools and large inventory of essential and fragrance oils, you can create a one of a kind signature perfume. Making your own custom fragrance is a very personal and therapeutic experience, and we're here to help. With over 15 years experience in the fragrance business, we will guide you through the process from start to finish of making your own custom perfume.