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Delivery Time
Processing Time: Orders received are usually processed within 5 to 7 working days. All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Santa Ana, CA.

Delivery Estimates: Most parcels are delivered within the country in 4-10 working days from the date shipped (10-15 working days for orders outside the country). If you do not receive your order within that timeframe, please send an email to customer service.

Delivery Costs
Please review the table below to see our shipping rates within the country. These are the delivery times once your order has shipped, not from the date you placed your order.

  • US Standard Ground: 4-10 business days
    SEK 43.00 for 1 item.
    SEK 53.88 for 2 items.
    SEK 75.66 for 3 - 4 items.
    SEK 108.31 for 5 items.
    SEK 140.97 for 6 items.
    7 or more items - 15% of order total
  • US Priority Mail: 4-5 business days
    SEK 64.77 for 1 item.
    SEK 86.54 for 2 items.
    SEK 108.31 for 3 items.
    SEK 130.08 for 4 - 5 items.
    SEK 162.74 for 6 items.
    7 or more items - 15% of order total
  • US Express Mail: 2-3 business days
    SEK 271.60 for 1 item.
    SEK 293.37 for 2 items.
    SEK 326.03 for 3 items.
    SEK 380.45 for 4 - 5 items.
    SEK 434.88 for 6 items.
    7 or more items - 20% of order total
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