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Fern Fragrance Oil
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Essential Oil: N | Phthalate Free: N | Strength: Strong | Note: Base
Fern Image Fragrance Family: Aromatic

A fresh green scent with mossy overtones and a touch of wood. Think of the cool lushness of the forest floor, with dew on the ferns. Fantasy note reminiscent of a shadowy forest's flora, often used as a term for the fougere family of fragrances.


Lime, Lemon Verbena, Orange Blossom, Musk, Peach, Vetiver, Pink Grapefruit

Fern note in perfumery is actually a fantasy concept that captures the freshness and greenness of the wood. Fern note recreates the mossy, wet, green and earthy scent of the forest and it is usually achieved in a blend of complex synthetic or natural substances. Most commonly, fougère perfumes combine basic materials such as the absolutes of hay, lavender, oakmoss, and tonka bean. In modern perfumery, synthetically obtained coumarin is used instead of the tonka bean absolute and hay absolute, but many of the natural perfumers are still continuing to recreate the scent of fern with purely natural ingredients.


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